Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Svensk, E-Licens

Microsoft WIN10PRO-E

Denna produkt är en digital kod. Dessa koder är original och producerade av Microsoft.

Om du inte redan har Windows 10 Pro, så kan du följa nedanstående insturktioner (Engelska)

Windows 10 OEM installation guide

1. This key can be used only with fresh installation of Windows 10. You can't use the key to change your current product key or upgrade from any other Windows version. You need CLEAN INSTALLATION.

2. This key can be used for only 1 PC/motherboard. You can reinstall on the same PC, but you can't use the key on any other PC.

3. If you encounter any problem while activation, try automated phone activation, see step by step guide on how to activate by phone here

Download OS 7043
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